Deer 1

Patricia Finnegan – Photographer

Deer 2

Patricia Finnegan – Photographer


White tail deer – White and Fawn

I happened on this deer and was lucky to capture these photos.

They are not a clear as I would like, one does not see partially white deer often.

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3 Responses to Deer

  1. That is so cool!
    Many cultures believe albino animals are sacred and or magical. I hope you made a wish! 😉

    • Over the years there has been a small herd of them about 20 miles from where I live. I saw this one about 40 miles from that location. I was really surprised to see one there. This one was outside of Gettysburg, PA.

  2. inesephoto says:

    Amazing! I hope no one will take advantage of his problems with camouflage. Lucky shot!

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