Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat - s

Patricia Finnegan, Photographer

Buckwheat Pancakes have always been a tradition for Christmas morning breakfast. Even as my family grows in size, we get together for breakfast on Christmas morning. My father always made breakfast. It was from his side of the family that buckwheat pancakes were introduced. If you have never had them, they are an acquired taste. The batter resembles liquid concrete. The pancakes are made the old fashion way, the night before with real stone ground buckwheat flour and yeast. You need bacon or sausage grease to keep them from sticking to a cast iron griddle.This enhances the flavor. I’m sure all cardiologists are cringing. The only contr0versy we have is what syrup to put on them – corn syrup like Kings or pure maple syrup. I vote for maple syrup.

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One Response to Buckwheat Pancakes

  1. inesephoto says:

    Buckwheat is the healthiest thing ever. A little bit of grease won’t harm. 🙂

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