Why Do You Cling to Outdated Beliefs?

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McDuff, the last toy my father gave to me.

Why Do You Cling to Outdated Beliefs?

Outdated beliefs are comfortable. No matter how bad they may be, you feel safe because they are familiar.

Where do we get our beliefs? Families, heritage, education, religion, affluence? Are you controlled by beliefs which are not your own?

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3 Responses to Why Do You Cling to Outdated Beliefs?

  1. inesephoto says:

    How would I know that my beliefs are outdated?

    • Thanks for the question. Most of us cling to our beliefs because they are comfortable an we don’t want to rock the boat. For me, outdated beliefs are ones that don’t feel right to me or don’t make sense to me. For example, growing up Catholic, I had a belief that you had to be Catholic to go to heaven. The problem was my grandfather was Methodist and he was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. Why shouldn’t he also go to heaven. My belief didn’t make sense any more, so I changed my belief from Catholic to anyone who is good and kind. This can also be applied to traditions. It’s great to follow traditions but at times following them no longer makes sense. Like how one bakes a special cake, you may find another way to make it that produces an equally as good result but uses less energy to make it. Does it make sense to follow the original process or go with the new one. Only you can decide. I hope this helps.

      • inesephoto says:

        Your reply makes me think of two things : I never iron my stuff anymore (I don’t buy anything that requires ironing), and I never cook for hours as my mother did – just long enough to cook through, so that the ingredients are not raw. As to the spiritual things – whatever is uplifting and makes me a better person, I keep. The rest can go.
        As you say, religion can be traditionally inherited. Did you ever wonder why Jesus insisted on being baptized instead of just leaving the commandment to people to do so. It is because each of us has to make our own choice. If you study Catholicism and you love and agree with everything you learn – keep to it. If not – study other religions (not their critics) and after you know what they are about, make your choice. Why did I choose cooking my soup 20 minutes instead of 3 hours? I have read about food, about healthy eating, and then I made my choice. It was an educated choice. We study, ponder, and only after that we make right changes. The same like with your cake baking 🙂

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