2015 has been a year of major change for the U.S. The saddest part is the gains of some have been at the loss of freedom for others instead of the gain for all. Division has been the focus instead of what we have in common. The actions of a few have set the country on fire. Generalizing these actions and applying them stereotypically to large sections of our society is driving wedges between our people. I’m not sure it is repairable. We are all individuals and are responsible for ourselves and our actions. We can choose to be victims and let the universe do with us as it pleases; allowing others to control our lives. Or we can control of our lives and be who we truly are.

Wanting what others have to the point we feel we need to take it from them instead of accomplishing it ourselves only makes us bullies and victims.

It really doesn’t matter what our individual beliefs are. What matters is how we act on those beliefs. I personally may not agree with another’s life choices and that is OK as long as I don’t use those choices to hurt others who believe differently. This country was founded with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None of these rights are guaranteed. Only the right to pursue them if you choose. They are not just given. There is nothing guaranteeing the right to never be offended. How does being offended really hurt you? It only does if you let it. No one else can decide this for you.

It’s your choice to be who you truly are or follow the masses which will only lead to the destruction for all. No one wins.

I hope the best in all of us will emerge.


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