The Scariest Chapter

So true.

Year of the Book

I’ve been tossing around this crazy idea in my head for a few weeks.  What if I demonstrated the process first-hand of writing a book at the same time as I’m teaching the principles of writing in my online course videos (AVAILABLE HERE)?

getting started

I want you to see and experience ringside that no matter what your writing starting point looks like, it’s possible to apply the techniques you’ll learn in Year of the Book to polish your hunk of coal into a premiere-class diamond.

I’ll be using real-life examples from my work – instead of begging writer friends to share their hidden drafts in the cold excruciating light of day.  I’ll highlight pitfalls I’ve seen other authors struggle through, without putting anyone else on the hot seat. And believe me, I’ll go through ALL the top 10 pitfalls, because I’m just as human as everyone else.  Maybe we’ll…

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