TJ’s Rabbits

Patricia Finnegan, Photoagraher

Patricia Finnegan, Photoagraher

TJ’s Rabbits

My collie dreams of rabbits.

He totally relishes them.

Our untamed cat supplements her diet with the occasional rabbit.

She’s the huntress.

 When the opportunity presents itself, TJ relieves her of her prize.

She doesn’t bring them as gifts, no matter how much she likes him.


Patricia Finnegan, Photographer

You can see her disgusted look.  Sigh, dog germs.

 If he had his way, TJ would feast in the house.

Many a time he’s tried, much to our dismay.

We retrieve the prize from TJ, usually when there’s a foot hanging from his mouth;

and return it to its rightful owner.

The cat.

 One time, he was successful in bringing one in the house.

Laying it next to the water bowl.

Our indoor cat pounced on it, and ran away with it.

Growling if anyone approached.

She’s the prize winner.


Patricia Finnegan, Photographer

 Poor TJ will have to continue dreaming of rabbits.




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