Being Love

When you are Being Love, then all things are possible.

It’s all you have to be. You no longer need to always be doing more, which is a human reaction to the world and not a soul reaction.

Just because you love everyone and everything, does not mean you condone their actions.

You are only responsible for yourself and your actions, thoughts and words.

When you seek love, joy or approval, you only need to look to yourself because that is all you have control over.

For me, it means my path is Being Love, that’s all. There is no special task I’m required to do other than Being Love.

This frees me from constantly seeking out what I think (human ego) I should be doing instead of just Being Love and enjoying life and all it has to offer and learn from.

It allows me to pursue things I enjoy.

Since Being Love and loving myself is my path, constantly sacrificing my health and joy for others is counter productive to this path, I can no longer do this.

I cannot feel that by doing what others want, I’m sacrificing my needs to supposedly make someone else happy instead of doing it because I am Being Love. If I do it out of sacrifice, then I’m feeding my ego and not my soul.

I commit to putting myself before other – no more self-sacrifice.

Being love to me means taking responsibility for myself and all I do, say and feel; and expressing love, joy and beauty for all things with no need for acceptance, approval or reciprocity. There is no judgment.

What does Being Love mean to you?

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3 Responses to Being Love

  1. inesephoto says:

    I think it means that I have to always remember that other people get hurt too, and that they have their burdens to carry same like me.

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