Patricia Finnegan, Photographer

This is a photo of  Chance the day we brought him home 6 years ago.  He’s a Tricolor Collie.

He likes life to be one party after another with him as the center of attention.  In many ways, he knows how to live life to the fullest.

Chance does get out of hand when he wants to do something and doesn’t get his way.  He gets excited when we are getting ready to do something he really wants to do.

Watch out for the wild man.

It was really funny  a couple of weeks ago, we were getting ready to go for a walk when he got his tail caught on the kerosene heater safety cage.   We had not put it away from the winter.

Well, not only had it grabbed his tail but it wouldn’t let go and started chasing him.

Luckily I already had his lead on him, so I was able to control him before he dragged it across the room.  He didn’t want to settle down, but once he sat, I was able to get it unhooked from the fur on his tail.  No worse for wear.

It didn’t take long once we started our walk for him to forget his trauma and get back to his old exuberant self.  If we could only forget so easily and enjoy life. Sigh.

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